Genesis Monitoring Solutions LTD is a brand new, privately owned, all IP Telecare Alarm Receiving Centre. It is managed and staffed by people who believe we can be a monitoring station above all others.

We are all committed 100%, to providing assistance and reassurance to people who may be less able than ourselves. This may be in the form of a friendly voice, or by providing assistance by alerting Emergency Services. By offering this 24/7 service, 365 days a year, we can respond and assist people to remain in their own surroundings and retain their independence for longer.

All staff have received appropriate training in accordance with TSA standards and are competent in their role to provide a courteous and professional service to all. The main focus of every alarm response is always the health, safety and welfare of the individual.

As Genesis Monitoring Solutions LTD is a privately owned, all IP Telecare Alarm Receiving Centre, we are able to work with various companies, collaborating and working together towards providing high-quality service and appropriate solutions based on individual needs for our customers. We are currently members of TSA and UK Telehealth, allowing us to apply years of experience from experts within the industry. 
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